Jabotinsky Bedrooms
This room is a part of an apartment The apartment is located on the 1st floor of a 4-story building in just 15 minutes walk from the Mediterranean Sea beach and only 5 minutes walk from a major shopping center, where you can touch the famous and delicious Israeli breakfast in a variety of cafes - some even serve it 24 hours a day; make shopping and even buy ready food to your accommodation, if you don't like to make on your vacation.

The apartment is parted into 2 small and cute partitions, called in Israel "studios". We made a common kitchenette for both, but for each of the studios - private bathroom. 

2-Bedroom Budget Accommodation for 4 Guests

The most budget option you can find for a family holiday - as low as 75 NIS per person. It also can be wonderful for two couples of old close friends travelling often together - trips, tents, hikes. 2 bedrooms - one is of a small size, the other is much bigger. The lack of space and doors between the rooms is more than offset by the presence of a private bathroom and a very low price. Each bedroom has a flat TV with satellite receiver and a chandelier fan.

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The first room - it's much larger than the second one and here, besides the bed there is also a dining table and a closet

A spacious double bed with warm soft duvets and pillows made of natural materials will give you an instant sense of relaxation after an active vacation day

A small closet holds everything you may need:

necessary utensils - plates, pots, a frying pan and a wooden support for them, various scoops and cookware, knives - to make a light vacation meal

In addition to kitchen utensils, you will also find towels, an emergency torch and a small fire extinguisher. And there is still a lot of room left for your own staff.

Many guests of Ashdod Suites come to see their friends or to various celebrations - birthdays, anniversaries or weddings. Next to the closet there's a high comfortable mirror and in the closet - an iron

Toilet, sink and a shower - clean and neat

The second bedroom is small, just to take rest

Here is the same bed as in the first room, for maximum comfort and relaxation, but with 2 blankets, so that your children will feel much comfortable.

Suitcases will stand here. This room is on the southern side and warms up more than the second, the northern. Therefore, the AC is here.

The entrance door has lock with a key

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