Jabotinsky Bedrooms
This apartment is located on the 2nd floor of a 4-storey building in just 15 minutes walk from the Mediterranean Sea beach and in 5 minutes walk from a major shopping center, where you can touch the famous and delicious Israeli breakfast in a variety of cafes - some even serve it 24 hours a day, make shopping and even buy ready food to your accommodation, if you don't like to prepare by yourself on your vacation.

The apartment is divided to 2 small and cute "apartments", called in Israel "studios". We made a common kitchenette for both, but for each of the studios - private bathroom. 
Room for a Couple

A medium sized bedroom with a bathroom. The bedroom is air conditioned and equipped with a flat TV with satellite receiver, a chandelier fan and other small staff you may need to spend a very inexpensive vacation or relax at a weekend.

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A spacious double bed with warm soft duvets and pillows made of natural materials will give you an instant sense of relaxation after an active vacation day

A small closet holds everything you  may need:

necessary utensils - plates, pots, a frying pan and a support for them, various scoops and cookware, knives ...

In addition to kitchen utensils, you will also find towels, an emergency torch and a small fire extinguisher. And there is still a lot of room left for your own staff.

You can hide your suitcases in a small niche between the cupboard and the window.

Many guests of Ashdod Suites come to see their friends or to various celebrations - birthdays, anniversaries or weddings. At the entrance you will find a high comfortable mirror, and in the closet - an iron

Next to the window there is a spacious table with chairs and a dish-drier

Bathroom - modest and neat

But the shower is very spacious - 120 cm wide. It absolutely immodestly invites to decorate your vacation with a romantic end of the day

The front door is locked with a key

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