Dear guests!

These Terms and Conditions were drafted and continue to be updated, unfortunately, due to the unpleasant experience that I acquired during this work.
When received an order from you I, first of all, would like to thank you for it and, secondly, show my full respect to you and expect that after you make the reservation, will not cancel it. 
Of course, I perfectly understand that there can be a variety of circumstances that may force you to cancel your trip. On the other hand, I assume you understand the fact that when you cancel the order at the last moment for any reason, I will lose money and not through my fault. One - two these "accidents" - and it will not be profitable for me to keep such a complicated business. And then you probably will not come another time, just for will not find an inexpensive budget accommodation. We depend on each other. Therefore, I repeat, I ask for our mutual respect to this deal. Of course, I very much hope that your holiday will be held in an iridescent atmosphere, and you will not only want to return, and I will see you again, but you will also recommend me to your friends. For the same reason, the cost of living includes the cost of water, gas and electricity, high-speed WiFi Internet and cleaning the apartment / room after your departure, so do not start counting on the counters, how many cents you still have to add.


These Terms and Conditions bear the force of a short-term lease agreement between A-Matzpene (Compass, the Company or Ashdod Suites) and the Guest.


For booking, I ask you to make a deposit of 20% of the rent, but not less than 1200 NIS. The money may be deposited by credit card or cash transfer. Ashdod Suites guarantees that the data of your card will not be transferred to a third party. The Company has a high reputation with our clearing company and, in particular, for a higher guarantee of the safe use of your card, we don't require security digits to carry out our transactions. The booking will be issued only after the successful blocking of the deposit on your card or receiving it in cash.

During the period from 20 to 14 days, but not later than 14 days before your arrival, I ask you to pay the remaining amount of the order amount. Otherwise, "Ashdod Suites" will have full right to cancel your order and keep the deposit.

If you want to pay for your stay in cash, then, to ensure coverage of this deposit, you will need to give me credit card details on which you can block the entire amount of the order. The money will be unlocked after the payment you made.

When you get the keys, your credit card will be used for 1200 NIS  security deposit. No actual payment will be made at the time. The deposit will be released in 7 days after check out in full, if no damage (specified later down) has been caused by the guest to the room or apartment.


In case of cancellation for any reason less than 30 days prior to arrival, the deposit is not refundable. The same is true for the cancellation of the order by the Company in the case specified in paragraph 1b

Cancellation of an order within 12 hours after the receipt of the deposit by the Company, but no later than midnight on the eve of the day of arrival, is free of charge - without penalty. The whole deposit will be returned to you in full in the way that was received after deducting the cost of the reverse transfer or 4% of the deposit amount, in case of payment by credit card.

Check-in / check-out time

Check-in time is from 5 pm to 10 pm, check-out time is until 2 pm.

Check in on Friday and Shabbat - from Friday evening until Saturday night - it is necessary to discuss in advance, tk. I follow the laws of Shabbat and do not work and receive calls to the Shabbat. If you come to Shabbat for any reason, not having discussed it with me in advance, including if your flight is late, then most likely you will not be able to get into the apartment / room you ordered before the evening. Your rent will start from the day you booked, even if you are late, and you will have to pay it in full. Therefore, I urge you to discuss this detail of your arrival with me and let me know about any changes to your flight (for example - you came to the airport and you were informed that the flight was delayed) so that I could arrange for you to receive the keys (which, nevertheless , not guaranteed).

Everything mentioned in point 3b is also correct in case of one of the holidays - Pesach, Shavuot, Rosh-haShana (New Year) and Sukkot.

There is no arrival in Yom Kippur (Judgment Day), starting from 12 o'clock on the day before and until 22 o'clock this day.

Late arrival - after 22.00 and until 7 am the next day is negotiated in advance and paid extra - 100 shekels. Entry after midnight is possible only in case you pay a transfer to Ashdod by our Company.


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